The Straight Dope on Fentanyl
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StopProsecuting_SocialMediaStop the unjust prosecutions

Canadians living with HIV are vulnerable to prosecution based on the current law concerning HIV non-disclosure. Help bring a halt to prosecutions for sexual assault and aggravated sexual assault based on HIV-non-disclosure. Sign our petition today.

Xmas2015_webThumbMembers’ Holiday Season Dinner

Tickets are now on sale for our member’s holiday season dinner. On December 3, join us at the Law Courts Inn, enjoy a traditional holiday meal and catch up with friends.  Read More>>

Tell us how we’re doing!

We want to know what you think of Positive Living BC’s new website and new HIV Care Registry. Please take a minute to let us know by clicking on the two links above and taking a quick survey. There are prizes for participating!

Health-and-Wellness_webThumbTherapeutic touch

We at Positive Living BC are fortunate to have a recognized therapeutic touch practitioner volunteer his services for members. The goal of this treatment is to clear and balance energy, while stimulating the body’s ability to heal, thus promoting health. Many people find it relaxing and soothing. Read More>>


dental-hygienistsDental hygiene services

Every Wednesday, Positive Living BC proudly collaborates with the UBC Faculty of Dentistry to offer a free dental clinic to our members. The clinic provides cleaning, scaling, oral maintenance and referrals. To book an appointment, call 604-893-2202.