Whether large or small, any group that has an interest in learning about HIV treatment, including the drugs, their specific classes and side effects, recommended testing, timing of the start or change in medication, and including such things as complementary and alternative therapies (including massage, naturopathy, etc) are encouraged to get in touch.

Persons both infected as well as affected may find value in learning from people living with HIV as well as HIV-negative individuals who can share this information in a variety of ways, from simple, informal discussions to full-scale PowerPoint slide presentations – and including the offering of a perspective of living with HIV.

Groups have included healthcare professional delivery teams, students of healthcare delivery, support groups and people working with the public and feeling less knowledgeable than desired. Delivery is tailored to the audience. For more information or to request a workshop please call 604-893-2224.

People Living with HIV
If you have questions about the HIV medications you are currently taking, or are wondering if you should start treatment, we can help. Individual HIV treatment-related counseling is available from the Treatment Program Coordinator. Topics include:

  • The importance of an on-going relationship with your doctors and other health team members
  • When and why to start HIV treatment (treatment readiness, what is involved)
  • What HIV treatments are (what they do and what they don’t do)
  • How HIV treatments work (basic science)
  • What to expect on HIV treatment (side effects, possible other medications needed, and wellness services to consider, plus future planning)
  • How the system of HIV treatment works (pharmacy appointments)
  • What happens if HIV treatments don’t work (opportunistic infections, complications)
  • What to consider while living with HIV (other issues, including legal ones)
  • How to monitor treatment effectiveness, and other health needs (regular tests needed)
  • When to change treatments (and why)
  • …and more.

For more information please contact:
Treatment Outreach Coordinator
E: alanw@positivelivingbc.org