Living with HIV has changed. With modern treatment and support, HIV positive people can live a healthy and active life.  Learning how does not have to be overwhelming, and no one has to do it alone.

The Positive Living BC Peer Navigator Services can provide the most current HIV information, answer questions, and show how other people deal with HIV.

Peer Navigators are trained and educated on the health issues surrounding HIV/AIDS, STIs, self care, disease progression, and safer sex. Through a series of supportive discussions, they use everyday language instead of jargon or medical terminology to make topics easier to understand.

Their role is to support you in gaining knowledge and developing HIV self-management strategies, providing you with the important information you will need to achieve your goals while living with HIV.

Talking with someone who is living with HIV, like yourself, can reduce the stress and anxiety. Having good mental health and social supports are important to keep your HIV in check, improve your emotional health in areas of self-esteem, depression, shame and stigma, battling isolation, and building support networks.

A Peer Navigator is an HIV-positive person who can assist other HIV-positive people who are newly diagnosed or re-engaging with community services to:

  • improve emotional health
  • prevent disease progression and transmission
  • decide when to start treatment
  • develop disclosure strategies for meeting legal and personal challenges
  • navigate “well-being”

If you’ve been living with HIV for a while and want to address some of your health concerns, Peer Navigators can also help you start or change medications, deal with aging while living with HIV, maximize your quality of life, or help you connect to appropriate services.

In addition, Positive Living BC’s health promotion resources are some of the most trusted, respected and widely-used resources in the HIV community and can help you learn more about living with HIV.

We can also help if you need to find an HIV physician to assist you in your own community who is knowledegable in HIV.

For more information please contact our Peer Navigators:

You can also check out our Resource Centre at the Immunodeficiency Clinic (IDC) at St. Paul’s Hospital (Burrard Building, 5th floor) where our Peer Navigators are available on site to help you with information and support. No appointment is necessary.

Peer Navigitors are based on 5th Floor of St. Paul’s Hospital at the IDC.