Peer navigator picture xxIf you have just found out you are HIV positive, you are going to be OK.

Living with HIV has changed. With modern HIV treatment and support, you can live a healthy and active life.  Learning how does not have to be overwhelming, and no one has to do it alone.

As a newly diagnosed person you are part of an emerging HIV community that should have different expectations for yourself than people who have been living a long time with HIV.

The Positive Living BC Peer Navigator Services can provide you with the most current HIV information, answer your questions and show you how other people deal with their HIV.

Discussions can include:

  • understanding why, for people newly diagnosed, HIV is now considered an episodic, manageable illness
  • learning how HIV is transmitted, including strategies to prevent the spread of HIV and other STIs
  • learning treatment information, including how HIV affects the body, when to start treatment and the value of medications to prevent disease progression
  • telling others about your HIV including your legal rights and responsibilities
  • managing your own self care, including the value of good diet, nutrition, and exercise to prevent progression to advanced HIV, and the value and cautions of complementary and alternative therapies

For more information please contact our Peer Navigators:

You can also check out our Resource Centre at the Immunodeficiency Clinic (IDC) at St. Paul’s Hospital (Burrard Building, 5th floor) where our Peer Navigators are available on site to help you with information and support.

Available for download is the updated and very helpful Healthy Living Manual.