loonlake_webthumb_0_0Healing Retreats at Positive Living BC are an opportunity for people living with HIV from all walks of life, ages and cultures to come on our retreat.  They provide a personally valuable, fun and relaxing opportunity to be with other PLHIV and know you are not alone. Participants stay at a contemporary yet rustic lodge at Loon Lake Camp in Maple Ridge – it’s an amazing natural setting.

At the camp, there are opportunities to swim, hike, canoe, attend a daily home group, enjoy abundant healthy meals, join new friends around the campfire at night, and much more!  The Retreat occurs in August every year.  In 2017, the retreat will be held on August 25 to 28.

For more information, email retreats@positivelivingbc.org or call 604-893-2200. Don’t miss out on a great experience!

Click here to download 2017 Healing Retreat application form if you don’t want to submit it online below.

Healing Retreat Attendance Online Application

(Please read carefully)
Loon Lake Healing Retreats are for people living with HIV from all walks of life.  You will meet new friends and learn more about yourself. It is free for all members of the Positive Living Society of BC. HIV does not discriminate or select any particular group of people. Participants at the retreat cover the spectrum of people who make up our Society. You will share the Retreat experience with a diverse group of men and women; gay and straight, younger, older, singles,  couples  and  transgendered;  people  in  recovery  and  people  from  different  cultural  and  economic  backgrounds  and  different  neighbourhoods.  The  weekend  consists  of  three  nights  &  four  days  of  shared accommodations with healthy meals in a modern lodge-­‐style facility set on a beautiful mountain lake away from signs of urban life.   We facilitate innovative peer-­‐supported workshops and events, including: Community building, Small-­‐group work, Rock climbing, Nature hikes, Creative projects, Swimming, Canoeing and Massage therapy.

Applicants must be members of Positive Living BC.  If you are not a member and wish to apply, you must complete the membership application form available from our website ( www.positivelivingbc.org ), to be processed by the Membership Registrar at Positive Living prior to your interview.  You will not be eligible to attend a retreat without a  valid  membership  in  the  Society.    Once  you  have  a  membership,  we  will  arrange  an  interview.    Positive  Living  Membership applications typically require a minimum of 1 week to process. 

This  Application  is  broken  into  2  parts:    a)  General  information  and  b)  Medical/Emergency  Contact/Drug  and  Substance information

Positive Living Society of BC is committed to protecting your personal information; this was formalized under the BC Personal Information Protection Act in January 2004.  Positive Living Society of BC does not rent or sell any personal information.

To view our Privacy Policy please visit www.positivelivingbc.org/privacy

Thank you for completing this online application. If you have downloaded the application and filled it in you can drop off or mail the completed application to our offices at 803 East Hastings Street in Vancouver, or scan it and email it to retreats@positivelivingbc.org.  In a short period of time (usually within 10 days) you will be contacted for either more information, clarification of information, or to set up an appointment for a one-­‐on-­‐one interview with a member of the Positive Living Retreat Team. People who have been on a Retreat previously will be interviewed dependent upon space available.