Positive Living BC’s rolling five-year strategic plan guides and informs the Society’s work.  The current iteration of the Plan is effective from 2012-2017.

The goals of the strategic plan are drawn from the constitution and by-laws of the Society:

  • To create a positive attitude and engender a feeling of hope in persons with HIV/AIDS.
  • To provide support activities and facilities to members for the purpose of self-help and self- care.
  • To maintain an organizational structure to act in an advocacy role for members relating to government and the community.
  • To provide support services to members and non-members.
  • To assist in creating a positive image of persons with HIV/AIDS to the community.
  • To operate as a charitable institution (without profit to its members) to acquire, construct, provide, maintain, lease, own and manage real estate or any interest therein, including one or more low-rental housing projects for persons with HIV/AIDS.
  • To raise funds for the above purposes.

For full details please download the attached document.