Contact our staff:

Administration and Operations

Ross Harvey, Executive Director, 604-893-2252
Marc Seguin, Manager of Volunteer Services, 604-893-2298
Machushla Graham, Director of Human Resources, 604-893-2290
Michael Lawrence, Director of Finance, 604-893-2261
Elis Aubie, Finance Assistant, 604-893-2295
Alexandra Regier, Director of Operations, 604-893-2292

Communications and Education

Adam Reibin, Director of Communications and Education, 604-893-2209
Britt Permien, Art Director
Jason Motz, Managing Editor, Positive Living magazine, 604-893-2206
Quincy Wang, Website Coordinator, 604-893-2246
Shafiyah Khan, Communications Assistant, 604-893-2234

Programs and Services

Health Promotion

Elgin Lim, Director of Programs and Services, 604-893-2225
Glen Bradford, Manager, Peer Navigation and Prison Outreach, 604-893-2215
Brandon Laviolette, Treatment Health and Wellness Coordinator, (604) 893-2259
Alan Wood, Treatment Outreach Coordinator, 604-893-2224
Hesham Ali, Peer Navigator, 604-893-2240
Wendy Stevens, Peer Navigator                                                                                                                                                   Glyn Townson, Peer Navigator, 604-893-2287                                                                                                                               Wayne Campbell, Prison Outreach Worker, 604-893-2283
Leita McInnis, Prison Outreach Worker, 604-893-2244

Fund Development

Zoran Stjepanovic, Director of Development, 604-893-2282
Ken Coolen, Events and Donations Coordinator, 604-893-2242                                                                                               Alex Krause, AIDS WALK to THRIVE Coordinator, 604-893-2265